Part 2: My Love Is Not Color Blind

....It's hard enough to make any relationship work. Last I heard, marriages are ending in divorce almost 50% of the time. Whether it be money or infidelity, or what ever, there's lots of reasons why couples split. Obviously he didn't get down on one knee but let's say he did? It doesn't make sense to me to add another component that often brings complications when dating. For example, I consider what my race represents. Traditions, culture, a story that I relate to so much, it's a part of who I am. If I'm going to date someone I need to be able to see myself with them long term, meaning marriage and every time I think about dating out of my race I say to myself "there's so much that person won't understand".

What complications you ask? Well, the point of this blog isn't to find or point out problems, but rather to share experiences and lessons in life and in love. So as I am still in the process of living and learning which ever lesson life has for me, here is what I decided to do...

A "blind date", literally! Basically Kevin and I have had 3 phone dates. I didn't share all the reasons why I wanted to do this to start off our getting to know each other time but he was totally cool with it and said "whatever it takes to get to know you" (love his attitude). After talking with my girls (#TheRealSingleLadiesOfToronto) I came up with this idea that puts appearances on the back burner. While talking with Kevin I can focus on what he is saying, get to know him and not be distracted by the difference of our skin colour. It seems to be going well. My love may not be colour blind today, but I learned it can be. It's a choice. Choose love!

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