Relationships and Your Business

Regardless of the industry you are in; traditional storefront business, online or in the field, maintaining relationships and genuine customer care are so key for your business. Many people, sometimes a newbie mistake , is the focus becomes financially driven, failing to recognize the longevity exists in your customer's satisfaction.

Consider for a moment you visited a new restaurant, where given the food may have been top notch but your service was awful. What would you tell others? You would likely share that the food was awesome but you were displeased with the service - and that would be kind. It's far more likely that you'd express your dissatisfaction with your service on its own. That type of review would not bode well for that restaurant, thus, eliminating repeat business and more importantly in my opinion referral business.

Cliche perhaps, but people will always remember how you make them feel and even the “OK” restaurants with superior customer care will fair far better in the long run versus the impeccable food and sub par service. 

Consider applying this thought process to your business. What type of experience are you creating for your customers and clients? Are they left with satisfaction, not solely based on your product or service - but the entire experience. As entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, I'd encourage you to revisit what your customer care model looks like - pay attention to details like relationships and your business. Quality over quantity, always.

A beneficial way to evaluate this is by asking for customer feedback, checking in with your clients, follow ups after services have been completed. It's the little things that can go a long way - and will forever, show up, right on time.


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