Love Trusts

Love trusts, it just does. You can't say I love you to someone that you do not trust and mean it. It just doesn't work. Think about it, how can you be vulnerable? How can you be comfortable and secure with a person that you don't trust? And if you can't be truly secure, then how can you love them?

I think we should always evaluate the meaning of the word trust before we enter into relationships. Once we have, then we can go forward with them. The trust has to be multifaceted also. It's not just about how they will treat you when things are good, it's about how they will treat others, how they will treat themselves and how they will handle the tough situation that arise in

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I think we all know what I'm talking about, you meet that person and they  appear to be everything you've been looking for. But you're so into the  process that you ignore the little things that later turn out to be the big things.  You ignore the way they speak to you when they're with friends, you ignore  the way they treat strangers and you ignore the way they pass off  responsibility.

The last one is a big one, my advice is to never be in a relationship with  someone who cannot accept responsibility for their actions. I'm telling you to  never do this. It's just a really bad idea. That is a person who when things get  rough will not be reliable. Remember, trust is foundational. You have got to  be able to know with certainty that when you love that person that you can  trust them with your most valuable possession, your heart.

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