Part 1: Wellness, Let's Do This

Have  you ever stopped to ponder what wellness is? Have you ever taken time out to think about your own wellness?

Wellness, let's do this!

Wellness, let's do this!

Well if you haven't as yet, then this is a call to do just that. For the next 5 minutes I am inviting you to consider wellness and the possibility of increasing your own level of wellness. In fact, stop reading here and go Google the meaning of the word.

Okay, so now that you understand exactly what it means, how is your own? Are you mentally and physically in the best shape you can be in? What areas are you struggling in? What adjustments do you need to make in those areas and are you serious about making those changes? Make a list, let's do this! I'll say this, a person who is serious about their own level of wellness is a far more attractive person overall. Why? Because that person takes themselves seriously, they care about their life and they make sure to treat themselves as important. Think about this, how many people do you know that don't take care of themselves mentally and physically? And do you enjoy being around them?

The bottom line, God gives us life, and we choose how we live. The question is have you considered how valuable it is? It's easy to get all caught up in the hustle and bustle, but at the end of the day we can't do the hustle unless we maintain our wellness. Your mental and physical health is the most important thing you will manage daily. More important than social media posts, more important than going into the office or showing up to a job. Why? Because unless you manage it well these other things will fail to matter.

In my next blog we're going to discuss some practicals, look out for it, let's do this!! It's time!

By JeanPaul Maximillian - to read more visit him at


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