Dream & Wake Up

Imagine you had a dream while you were sleeping that showed your future and your future was bright!

Amazing things were happening for you in this dream. Some things you always wanted and some things were pleasant surprises you didn't plan for but everything presented to you, you saw as good. It all had a purpose, whether it be a blessing or a lesson. Above and beyond everything great being established in your life, in this dream you could also sense yourself thinking, speaking and walking in a higher level of consciousness than before.  One of the most incredible things about you in this dream was that you could see the future and therefore you had the ability to discern what was for you.


You dont need to imagine that dream. The reality is your future is as bright as your potential and everything that happens in your life is an opportunity for you to choose your response. If you always choose to acknowledge or create a blessing or a lesson in your experiences, each will have purpose and that's a good thing. You get to decide what's for you! You don't need to imagine or dream about it.... you just need to choose it and pursue it!

So, if you know the great things God has for you & the amazing things you have decided to invite and pursue in your life, when anything contrary happens outside of that, it's easy to identify it & cut it off.

Think, speak and walk in your highest level of consciousness. Make a decision about what you want. Believe it or not you're making this decision every day, over and over again, whether you mean to or not. Engage in what you want and know is for you. Choose to make your dreams come true.

What's your "dream"? 
What's your "reality"?

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