Affirmation: Compete with Yourself



You should be your only competition! Often times, many people get caught up in competing with others, and forget that their path in life isn't the same as others. There's a difference between being inspired, or motivated by others accomplishments, and becoming jealous, or envious of ones success. When you become jealous or envious of others, you prevent yourself from taking the necessary steps to better your own journey. In life there's a process to pretty much everything. For example, in order to become an adult, you must be a child, and a teenager. If as a teenager you start acting like an adult, you more than likely will find yourself in problems you don't know how to deal with because you tried to skip part of the growing stage that would allow you to be prepared to handle certain situations. 

Competing with yourself allows room for growth in stages. You allow yourself to grow, and to learn from your own mistakes, along with find solutions that work for you. Set goals that are challenging, but not unrealistic; as they say, slow and steady wins the race. You don't want to set yourself up for disappointment if your plans don't work out, which could lead you to feel discouraged, or quit. Be patient with yourself, and know that you can have whatever you want. Part of competing with yourself, and your overall thought process in general should include speaking positively. Using words like " I can", "I will", "I have", "when I get... I will...". Declare positive results in your life, even on the days it seems impossible. The negative words you use, will eventually become reality if you use them too much. 

Work hard, think positive, and keep the faith. Be happy for others, don't let their success get you down. You have no real idea of how they got there; it could possibly be because they started before you as well, which has nothing to do with your abilities. No matter what, stay focused on you, because you are capable, just believe in yourself more, and you will succeed.

By 4evrBlessed