Crazy Causing Agents

Let me start off by saying that everyone has a degree of “crazy” in them.

What do I mean by that? Well, crazy is like cancer in the body, it's there we just don't see it unless the conditions are right. Basically, everyone has a bit of crazy built into their DNA, the question is what needs to happen for it to manifest. And for each person there is a different answer. Remember, not everyone dies of cancer, but everyone has it in them latent.

This is a conversation about wellness, and the mind that has gone down the path of crazy is a mind that has become unwell. I recently watched a video of a woman who was married to a man and that man repeatedly cheated on her and produced children with another woman. This woman did the interview from an asylum. Her husband created the perfect conditions for her crazy to surface.

Now I don't like to use the term crazy as a rule, I find it to be a vague word and one that tends to suggest that the person lacks any value. However, it is one that we can all relate to, my goal here is to communicate this one idea to as many as possible. Remember this, in a relationship you need to choose someone who isn't going to act as an activator of your crazy. You know you have it in you, so just make sure that the person you choose won't drive you to that place.

Ponder this, if you knew you had cancer would you subject yourself to things that would cause it to manifest? No you wouldn't. We avoid cancer causing agents and that's how we should treat crazy causing people. The first thing you should assess is their ability to take you there. If you need help in determining that then ask for it, include friends or family but figure it out. It will make the difference in your emotional and mental health, trust me.

By JeanPaul Maximillian - to read more visit him at