The Elusive Thief and The Desire to Belong

Fear, although we experience it we still don't really understand it. I define it as the most elusive of thieves. And I have also noticed that there have been times when my own mind went unexamined because of the crippling nature of it. It leaves it's prey bewildered and lost in its wake. 

What happens is that it functions like a vice, the mind trapped in fear sees nothing and knows nothing but that fear, it is clouded. The other problem is that the mind often does not recognize where it is. Some have been known to represent it as a blindness of sorts because all one can see is darkness. 

Now the desire to belong, well we all have that. It drives us to be people that we may or may not want to be and it can also drive us to exist in anxious states where we are disconnected from who we need to be.

Sounds messy? Well, it's because we are social creatures and that's how we're hardwired. Imagine navigating life with the fear that you won't fit in, or that you won't be loved, nipping at your back? This can cripple you and cause you to completely alter who you are. The feeling of fitting in is akin to feeling safe. Imagine that life is a cold unsafe place and those safe spaces where you fit are the hearts of others. Of course, the drive will be to fit in, to feel safe. 

As we grow we realize the importance of all of this. And the drive to attain it can even become frenzied in many. However, the strongest among us walk in a profound form of faith. Their energy is pure, and their resolve is refreshed as often as it is assailed. And they persist knowing that while fitting in is best, it is not always possible. For demons must be slain and fear contended with, but once done, the heart can be put to rest, at least until fear rises again.

By JeanPaul Maximillian - to read more visit him at