Part 2: Wellness, Let's Do This: Discipline

In my second piece on wellness I would like to start off with that tough conversation which we need to have around self-discipline. Why? Because I have no idea how we can proceed in a conversation around wellness without bringing it up.

So what exactly is discipline? Well as before I'm going to ask you to Google it. What I will say is this though, sometimes we'll be motivated and then there are times when we won't be. Discipline is that which will make up the difference when we lack the requisite motivation. Discipline is that which rises when “we don't feel like it”. On the days when we don't want to say no to ourselves it is our personal discipline which steps in and takes us to the levels we need to hit.

Many of us hold the belief that those who are the most disciplined are often boring and while in some cases the disciplined person may not be as much fun, they are however often safer and generally more responsible. I've spent my life with both types and I've been both, trust me on this, a slight imbalance towards the disciplined side is better.

So, as we head down this path, let's think about and embrace self-discipline. Success at wellness is always going to be dependent on our saying no to ourselves at the times when we really don't want to. You know, those times when we don't want to sleep or when we want to have the fried chicken or the extra gravy, it doesn't matter what it is, the point is that in life we will have to say no to ourselves often. Discipline will be the difference.

Think about it, make the changes and join me for my next piece, we're going to talk about sleep and making choices, we've got this, its time, let's do it

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