BySLR styles the Curry's: ESPY Edition

Awarding Experience

This past July I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to style my client, Stephen Curry for his appearance on the ESPY’s (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) and The Kids Choice Sports Awards. Although I had been preparing, my first emotions once I knew that this was actually going to take place, was obvious happiness and excitement. I mean…I’ve only practically been planning a day like this in my head forever. Beneath all of that I was actually really nervous and a little scared. Little ol’ me in LA doing this for real! I swear I had a lump in my throat for like two days. I had some appointments lined up, made sure I was prepared, and ready to look my best, BUT I was totally freaked out. 

Stephen Curry at the ESPY'

As a new stylist I feel confident in saying proudly that I had the best first experience I could have imagined. I used some of the connections and great friends I’ve made thus far to help me pull it all together. I envisioned this look, sent my ideas to a designer friend of mine and we came up with the ‘blue velvet’ concept, everything else literally fell right into place. Although I am a very fresh face in the industry I’m blessed enough to have a noted client, so when it came time to visit showrooms I was welcomed with open arms. That was one of my biggest fears walking into this. No one knew who I was, what would everyone think, how would I pull this off? 

I can’t really explain the feeling I had standing in the hotel watching the TV waiting for my look to cross the red carpet. In that very moment, any worry or doubt I had about whether or not I would be able to pull this off….was gone, out the window and I just felt proud. 

Never give up

-SLR @byslr