Keisha Knight Pulliam, The Story Continues

Many of you may have heard last week, that after being married for only 6 months, Keisha's husband Ed Hartwell, former NFL player has filed for divorce. This came as an unexpected surprise, not only to fans, friends, and family, but to Keisha as well. Just a couple days after announcing her pregnancy on Instagram stating, " Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon...." she found out she was getting divorced. " He left like it was any other day. He said goodbye, I was still sleep in bed, and he text me saying, can I talk to you for a moment, which wasn't weird. I was like ok babe... he was like you know, this wasn't working... all I heard was, I filled for divorce this morning, and I'm coming to get my stuff" Keisha told Entertainment Tonight. She also expressed that she was ready to file for divorce after Ed cheated, but after his plea to stay together, and becoming pregnant, she dropped the idea.

Since her interview last week with ET, Ed Hartwells ex wife, Lisa Wu, took to social media about her ex husbands situation. She expressed that she felt Keisha was drawing attention to herself, to potentially get a reality show on the way. At one point when Lisa was still married to Ed, Keisha had also asked that they be apart of her show idea. Lisa also found it to be funny, that Keisha says she doesn't know Lisa very well, but could ask for such a favor at the time. Especially after Lisa introduced the two. She recommends Keisha heals, and watches what she says, as it will affect her unborn child, and Lisa's 9 year old with Ed.

Big Tigger, who had a relationship with Keisha for 3 years, ending in 2015 before her marriage has also stated that he is not the father of her beautiful little girl to come. He also stated that he hasn't seen her since their break up which would then make impregnating her impossible. Hopefully his Tigger's comment will stop Ed Hartwell from pursuing a paternity test.... Best wishes to Keisha.

By 4EvrBlessed