Part 3: Wellness, Let's Do This: Sleep

In my last piece I wrote about the importance of discipline, and it was a tough one. One may ask the question, “Why can't we just chill and do whatever we want to when we feel like it? Is discipline really that necessary?”. The answer I would provide is yes. We all need to be self-regulated. If you missed my last piece then you might want to go back and have a read, it's not too long and it will set you up for this piece.

Now, I'm going to discuss sleep. Truth is I really don't need to tell you why sleep is an important ingredient in living a healthy life. From the fact that your body needs that rest, to the fact that while you sleep your body repairs itself and that a good nights sleep helps with moods. Mental stability is increased for those who sleep well regularly. And, if you are exercising then you will definitely require more sleep, the list is endless, we could write a book on all the ways that sleep aids in maintaining proper health. But we won't. I will ask you to simply take my word for it, sleep is essential and if you are working on your health then the first thing that I would suggest is that you adopt a regular sleep pattern. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake at the same time each morning. 

This is huge, if the computer or television or even people are preventing you from sleeping properly then you really need to consider changing how you interact with them. Trust me, after just a couple of weeks of solid sleep you are going to feel so much better.

Also, sleep is always going to be better if you are operating with little to no caffeine in your system. Try it for 3 weeks, I guarantee you’ll feel amazing. Sleep really is life's feel good pill.

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