Choose Your Circle Carefully


Having friendships is a part of life as we all know, however, it's important to have the right ones. Which means creating friendships with people who have similar mentalities, and want to reach higher levels of success. As cliche as it may be - birds of a feather, flock together. Many friends come and go. I've realized over the years as I got older that, not everyone was my friend, and accepted that not everyone needs to be either. It doesn't matter how long you've known a person, if you feel they're not the type of friend you need, let them go! Sometimes knowing someone for many years, can add to the pressure of not wanting to end a friendship. I get it, as I too have faced this "problem" before, however you have to look at the real value of this friendship, and the type of friend they've been to you, or you've been to them. This evaluation, also comes with accepting that not everyone will think like you, or treat you as you treat them. Having a different opinion, and or way of doing things doesn't make someone a "bad" friend necessarily, it could just very well mean they're not a right fit for you.

Friends are supposed to add joy, or positive lessons to your life, not negativity, and stress. Real friends encourage you to be the best you can be. Regardless of what you're going through, whether it be good, or difficult times, they help you anyway they can. You shouldn't have to worry about being judged, or not being able to speak, and behave freely. 

If 1 or more of these feelings, or actions has taken place, you need to evaluate the relationship: 

*You always need to defend yourself

*Your "friend" is in competition with you

*They only call when they want something

*There isn't any moral, or physical support

*You're constantly arguing

*They lie to you, or about you

*You're kindness is taken advantaged of

*When you need them, they aren't there for, like you are for them

(These are just a few examples.)

As you get older, friendships drift apart at times, due to business, or family life. No matter how long it's been since you connected, it shouldn't change the genuine friendship you have. Continue to be the best you, and friend you can be. People come into your life for a reason or season, be wise, and have no fear in letting go. 

By: 4EvrBlessd

Danielle SmithComment