Dream States

Six months ago yesterday, I met the woman of my dreams. What does that mean? For me, it simply means that I met the woman who  fits every criteria that I have for a relationship. It also says that I'm a  dreamer. From her melanin skin, her beautifully symmetrical face, 
and those two big beautiful eyes to her voluptuous curves, she is pleasing to my eyes. But more than that, she pleases my mind and
especially my heart. 

Photographed: JeanPaul Maximillian & Brandye 

But I digress, what I've learned from the experience is this, when  you meet the person of your dreams then you've reached the top, the
pinnacle and you have no where left to go on your own. Because  that's the case, this person will represent the greatest change to your
life ever. If he or she is your dream, your ideal, then they will only  expand you and move you beyond your old dreams and ideals. 
Why? Because the fact that you had a dream in the first place  suggests that you had desires and expectations and that you had an
idea. But for that person to be the one who fully encompasses that  then they will also move you beyond.  Your dream person will
simply make you more.

For me, my partner does that. She has moved me beyond my ideals  in ways that I never imagined. Some of my old dreams have also
been cast aside as the reality of her is far more pleasing. The thing is  that as humans and dreamers we always have to have dreams and so
the person of your dreams will keep you dreaming, they will keep  you moving forward. They will bring you life. 

Your new dreams however are all going to be couples dreams. You're going into partnership baby, and it's going to be great. Trust me, I
know. Look for it!

By JeanPaul Maximillian - to read more visit him at https://www.facebook.com/JeanPaulMaximillian