Choose To Stand Up And Live Your Dream

I remain adamant that we can choose to stand up and build regardless of what ever circumstance we find ourselves…. Most times it is unbearable especially when it has to do with the loss of a loved one. For a long time, I wondered how it felt loosing that one person you were destined to be with for eternity, the father of your kids and the one who would comfort you at night, hold you and make you feel like the woman that you are. The emptiness, and loneness that comes with it…. Phew! You can never really understand it, until you experience it first class.

I watched my mum cry a lot…. In my little mind, I thought it was only because she was having a tough time raising us alone…. Now I see the other side of her tears… He was never coming back to hold her…. To take her hands and tell her “Lolo m! o zugo oo!” (meaning, my queen, its going to be ok)
No woman prays to become a widow…. Who would! Yet, certain things happen in life that we cannot control. We never wish for these things to happen to us, BUT we CAN choose to stand up and BUILD with what is left of our lives. We can choose to keep the fire burning, wake up from being sober and accomplish all our personal dreams.

Jennifer Anyanwu is one such woman. Torn apart by the loss of her loved one, yet staying strong…...enough to get her life together and move on with her dreams. I met Jennifer in 2014… during a visit to Nigeria and ever since, she has become a part of my beauty secret ****hahahahahaha! I bet you are wondering what I mean.

I’ll tell you.....

Jenny, as i popularly call her is a Nigerian born mark-up artist and Skin Care Expert. She is the CEO of FaceCraft- an exquisite beauty studio in the heart of Festac, Nigeria which has had working with some popular Nigerian personalities like Dbanj, donjazzy, Kate Henshaw and Monalisa Chinda…. She lost her husband in 2015, a blow that left her shattered and at the verge of losing herself. I can’t say I know 100% how she felt during that period, but I know how hard it feels loosing someone you love dearly.

Truth be told, a lot of women struggle to find their balance right after losing their spouses. Some never get to feel the joy that comes from running after their dreams because reality kicks in – the children have to survive, go to school and feed.

Jennifer Philz (her stage name) taking a worship session

Jennifer Philz (her stage name) taking a worship session

Jennifer always had music inside of her, right from childhood, she had always loved to sing which led her to participating in several competitions, even while in high school...... she joined the choir and eventually started hosting weekly worship sessions in her house, something she still does till today. For her it was a passion and a way to express herself. Loosing her husband shattered all that, a blow she never expected, leaving her empty and broken. Her tears turned into music for her, forming melodies that only her heart could understand. Singing was the only way to ease her pain and feel alive again. So she went all in, drew strength from God's word and went all out to building regardless of her pain and hurt....

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