You Are Good Enough No Matter What....

If they tell you, you made a mistake ... apologise, learn from the mistake and move on. There is always something to learn from a mistake. But if they tell you, you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH .... smile, look up to the Father, your creator and say "Hey Dad, they just said you ain't Good Enough" 

I don't mean to preach, just need to tell someone out there that what they think of you doesn't really matter.

If they don't believe in you, who cares!.

You have YOU........ yourself, your strength and you are UNIQUE.

Nobody can DO IT like you can, Nobody can TALK like you can, ACT like you do.

O my Goodness....Nobody can be you dear.

So when next you feel down about what someone said to you....

Just remember...

Nobody should ever make you feel You are not good Enough.
— Vanessa Mbamarah

Because you sure are.... more than enough. 

This is me wishing you a great week ahead guys.......

Please don't forget guys, you can Build Regardless of what you are facing today..

PS: I hurt a lot in the past, dwelt so much on what people though and said about me. I was stuck for a long time, until I started to believe in myself... Did you ever feel such? How did you overcome it. I'd love to hear you thoughts on this... Please share your comments with me below.

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Sending out loads of love and hugs from Africa....