Failing One Time Isn't The End Of The Road

At the beginning of every new year, the excitement of starting over and setting new resolutions is usually over emphasised. Today is the 1st day of November and i'm thinking to myself, how well have i done so far? Am I failing or winning?

I did same, just like some of you reading this, I had huge plans, told myself I wasn’t going to fall into the same traps I did in the previous years ….. O my! I can just picture myself right now, 11 months after and my failure meter still ranks in the Google search engine, maybe even higher ** hahahaha.

At some point I gave up trying to fight them because I felt they were on auto mode – the more I fought it, the deeper I sank and felt depressed… I began condemning myself, telling ME I could never change. Phew! Some battle.

… I FAILED a zillion times….

Can you say the same about yourself?
  • I failed at being a good Christian..., always giving excuses as to why I didn’t go to church, pray and fellowship.
  • I failed at being a good mother…., allowing my work take over and spending less time with my little princess. It took a letter from her school to call me back to my senses.
  • I failed at being a good friend…., I began competing rather than collaborating. Thank goodness I retraced my steps.
  • I failed at being a good employee…. I felt I knew it all and was always right about what I needed to do rather than what they wanted done.
  • I failed at being a good lover…., hmmmmm! I guess I’m still learning here *** hahahaha!
  • O I failed at everything…. O my!, What a failure I had been! 

But in all…I learnt a lot about failure and how to channel it to my favour.

  • I learnt that failing didn’t mean I was a Failure; it just simply meant I had not yet succeeded.
  • It didn't mean I accomplished nothing; but learnt something new.
  • It didn't mean I had been a fool; but had the courage to take a risk.
  • It didn't mean I was inferior; but showed me I wasn’t perfect and didn’t need to be all the time.
  • It didn't mean I wasted my time; but gave me a reason to start over.
  • It didn't mean I was to give up; but try harder.
  • It didn't mean I would never make it; but needed more patience.
  • It didn't mean God had abandoned me; but HE has a better idea!

I remember how much I cried each time I went back to doing what I set out to move away from, and the numerous times i actually did quit.... You see i had been called - Good for nothing, abandoned and left out in the cold. Yet my drive to succeed helped me stand every time I fell. I never gave up because every painful experience I ever had, was a platform laced with wisdom needed to start over and do it better the next time. Continue reading HERE.

PS: .....How have you been able to deal with your failure? I would love to hear all about it... Please share your comments with me below.

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