10 Healthy And Tasty Snacks To Eat At Work

As a former Corporate America employee, I know the temptations lurking around the office. From colleagues bringing in cookies and bagels every week to birthday celebrations every month. Everywhere you turn, sweets are calling out to you saying: “eat me” (not literally, but you get the point … ha!)

Avoid temptation by being prepared with healthy snacks that taste great, and are quick and easy to make. You may roll your eyes and say you’d rather eat a cookie, but think about how you feel right after you eat it. You’re practically falling asleep at your desk, and can barely keep your eyes open.

Why? These types of snacks spike your blood sugar, and in a short while it comes crashing down! Then you are either running to the pantry for coffee, or looking for another treat to pick you back up. This vicious cycle continues while your waistline increases. So skip the vending machine and check out these under 200 calorie snacks:

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