By  Dilshaad Bux.         By  Dilshaad Bux  

By Dilshaad Bux.        By Dilshaad Bux 


I’ve been down and out with the flu over the past few days, and it hasn’t been friendly – no voice, runny nose, fever, the works. My hope for recovery has been found in keeping up the positive energy, and to do this, I need to get back to the basics. I’ve cut myself some slack, stayed home, and returned my focus to a few basics that I have admittedly been neglecting over time. 

The basics, for me, are - more quiet time, more colors andgreens, and more natural remedies. 

Digital technology consumes the most part of our daily lives. We are almost always focused on our phones, computers, or tablets at any point in the day. Even when we fall asleep, most of us do so with our smartphone in our hands.

Not cool.

Thanks to the flu, this week I am focusing on cutting down my time on my phone, computer, and any other form of digital technology within my reach. As a result, I’ve already found more time to rest and regain my strength. 

This is not rocket science, because it’s about coming back to basics. 

We often forget how much of our time is consumed by staring at our mobile screens. As difficult as it has been to stay away, getting myself to spend less time on my phone and computer has given me more time to focus on my recovery. 

Our time is so precious. I, for one, am guilty of spending most of my hours on phone calls, the web, and social media. As with many of us, the nature of our work is the reason for this, making it difficult to step away from digital technology completely.

As a compromise, I have allowed myself this week to recover, and have allocated certain times in the day to connect with the outside world. 

Yes, it is difficult, and yes, not everyone is happy with it. But I know that if I’m not okay by next week this time, I will only have myself to blame and everybody, including myself, will not be happy with me. 

So, I’m getting back to basics. 

Sometimes we just need to take heed of the alarm sounding off in our body, telling us we need to take it slow for the sake of ourown wellbeing. We need to stop, cut off and restore our state of mind, body and soul, so that we can return to our daily lives once again, revitalized and ready to conquer everything in our path.