By  Dilshaad Bux       By  Dilshaad Bux     


Growing up, we all had that one person – be it our grandmother, a neighbor, or a wise elder - who knew all the home remedies for every ailment. For me, it was both my mom and dad. They never missed an opportunity to feed me something that I was going to dislike them for later. 

Back then it felt as though I was being punished for getting the flu, bruising my knee, or being stung by a bee. Now, as a young adult, I am forced to admit that my parents were right. 

Almost all of the remedies that my parents were taught, by their parents, have at some point in recent years been proven by medical research to be effective. In many cases, these remedies prove more helpful than usual over-the-counter medication.

Thanks to my parents, I have always reached for the kitchen cabinet instead of the medicine cabinet, at the first sign of a common cold. Although skeptics may shake their heads, I choose to trust my parents (and modern research), and squash any negativity about my precious home remedies. 

Honey is my best friend. I can go days without speaking to my actual best friend, but I can’t go a day without my honey. 

The benefits of honey are too many to mention in just one post. It has numerous healing and antiseptic properties, is commonly used a key ingredient in natural beauty products, and has been my immune system’s main energy source for as long as I can remember. 

I mix a good dollop of honey in hot water, and add another magical ingredient – cinnamon, which brings the heat, giving my body what it needs to fight off a common cold.

Finally, ginger has always been a key ingredient in any home remedy for the common cold. It may not suit the taste-buds as much as honey and cinnamon does, but when brewed together, does a world of good, as it helps knock out the common cold culprits in our body. 

The good news is that just a little ginger goes a long way, so you don’t need to have too much to feel better. Add the rinds of an orange to your homemade brew, and you’ll have yourself a feel-good tea that not only combats the common cold with every sip, but tastes great too. 

The secret ingredient in natural remedies is rest. Pushing yourself to the maximum while you are unwell will not save you time. It will only make you feel less productive for longer, as your body battles to recover. 

Allow yourself to rest for a few days while you get back to basics, and you will return to your daily life sooner, fully recharged and ready to live again.