13 detoxifying foods you should add to your diet now

After a weekend full of less-than-stellar health choices (beach party!), come Monday you may turn to a juice cleanse or follow a detox diet to get back on track. But you could (and should) be detoxifying your body in some way every day, says Neka Pasquale.

The founder of California organic food and juice company Urban Remedy and author of Urban Remedy: The 4-Day Home Cleanse Retreat says there are plenty of naturally detoxifying foods you can easily add to your plate. "These should be staples of your diet, not foods you take time off from processed ones to eat," she says. (Roger that.)

So what does a detoxifying food do? "On a really basic level, they support your liver, which reacts to fat-soluble toxins, and help excrete those toxins from the body," Pasquale, also an acupuncturist, explains. Nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, and fiber are all essential for getting those processes to work right, so foods that are rich in them are key, she adds.

Whether you're feeling sluggish and bloated or just want to stock your fridge with health-boosting essentials, Pasquale recommends tapping these 13 detoxifying foods for their super healthy track record. —Amy Marturana


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