12 Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

Coming up with vegan breakfast ideas isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to the game. Eggs? No. Bacon? Uh-uh, honey. Even if you’re not a full-time vegan but just want to cut back on your consumption of animal products, starting with one meal a day is the easiest way to ensure a smooth transition. There are plenty of on-the-go options to help get you out the door with something in your belly even on the busiest mornings. Keep reading for 13 easy vegan breakfast recipes.


1. Teff Porridge: Teff is a toasty “ancient grain” that’s an ideal candidate for porridge on mornings when you want something warm and cozy.

2. Steel Cut Oats: If you’re tired of mushy rolled oats, try this heartier variety, which has a more rustic texture (and works well if you’re craving a savory breakfast, too).

3. Blue Majik Bowls: Frozen bananas, blended with vitamin B-rich spirulina, combine for a base that can be topped with fresh fruit, nuts butter, and chia pudding. It’s totally Instagram-worthy, but it’s surprisingly easy to make.

4. Overnight Oats: Eating any kind of porridge for breakfast will give you a nutritious start to your day. When we’re really busy, we like making several servings of overnight oats ahead of time. Combine oats and milk, then pop them in the fridge to rehydrate for a quick grab-n-go breakfast.

5. Chia Pudding: Chia pudding is another make-ahead meal that you can quickly eat before you head out the door.

6. Rice Cakes With Veggies and Hummus: Rice cakes come in all sorts of flavors these days, and they’re a lighter whole-grain option if you don’t want to have toast or a warm bowl of oatmeal. Paired with veggies and hummus, it’s a delightful breakfast on hot summer mornings.

7. Dates, Almonds, and Fruit: You can’t go wrong with this classic combination. Dates and fruit are a sweet treat, while the nutty almonds will give you a boost of protein and healthy fat.

8. Vegan Yogurt With Granola: Soy, coconut, almond — there’s a vegan yogurt for everyone these days. Pair your favorite with a low-sugar granola.

9. Avocado Toast: Is there a breakfast more quintessentially vegan than avocado toast? Creamy, crispy, and nutritious, this is a classic option for a reason.

10. Smoothies: Mastering the art of the smoothie will serve you well even if you aren’t totally plant-based. Try this blood orange and banana drink to really perk up your mornings.

11. Tofu Scramble: Soft tofu can be scrambled just like an egg. Season it with turmeric and kala namak black salt (naturally rich in sulfur, it tastes like eggs!), then sauté the tofu with your favorite veggies.

12. Amaranth: Top a bowl of vegan yogurt with fruit and popped amaranth or make a bowl of creamy amaranth porridge.

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