What to expect from "The Purple Print"



The Purple Print is a spiritual guideline and exclusive look into my life as i take you all on the journey with me building the empire that is ordained. You  will be introduced to my soul tribe members in front of the scenes and behind the scenes who have contributed to my spiritual growth, as well as be given business & spirituality tools, exclusive healing remedies, and spiritual guiding information ... all to lead you to your purpose & divine success of the universe.  


This season i will have highly successful people  exclusively reveal to you all their spiritual secrets that has aided with them attracting the wealth of the universe, along with revealing the tools that have helped my become an international media personality and spiritual journalist. This Season is the spiritual blue print that so many success people have kept hidden from the general public. SPIRITUALITY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, and turning your pain into gain is the door for the key.  

January 1st 2018 : 

2017 was field with accomplishments, healing, and self love, but it was also filled with a lot of pain, rejection, betrayal, public humiliation, depression, battles of unworthiness and suicidal thoughts. Revealing all my wounds from 2017 wont be easy but I know in order to heal you must reveal, and once you reveal, you help others find their truth.

Last year, I revealed to you all members of my soul tribe, and the union that I thought was divinely ordained for me. My harsh reality was, I loved those who would soon betray me & misuse me. Including loosing my three years of celibacy in October, to the man I loved.

YES it to answer your questions, it WAS my twin flame. In October we both were single and for the first time in this lifetime we explored intimacy. Fearful of the intensity of our connection, He ran after, and we haven't had communication since, however i have released him along with members of my soul tribe. 

Ive learned that Each chapter of your life requires new tribe members, very few will be lifetime members however all are equally as important for your growth. The good and the bad, the chapter members and the lifetime members,value it all, it makes you who you are.

I want to be clear, I am grateful for my tribe members and their contributions to my growth. The good and the bad, this is all OKAY, I have come to a place where I am happy it happened & I’m grateful. Sometimes, it takes the people you love the most, to hurt you so deeply, that you have no choice but to evolve into the person you are destined on becoming. Sometimes, that fuel is the only thing that will PUSH you into your GREATNESS .

This season is so hard for me to record because it is my release of those who are my soul family. I’ve learned that holding on only henders my growth and also theirs. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will return with changed behavior, if not be grateful for the lessons, seasons, & set them free. Overall, 2017 taught me how to live, choose MYSELF and MY happiness.

This fault is NOT theirs, in fact, I do not hold them accountable. I hold myself 100% accountable for not loving & valuing myself enough, because my dear friends, we train people how to treat us. If you never learn how to love yourself you will spend your life chasing people who don’t love you either .

So, how did I heal ? What gave me the courage to release my soul tribe & twin flame ? What spirituality secrets has helped me learn gratitude in the mist of pain ? And more importantly, how will LEARNING from my pain help you all heal and evolve into the divine beings of your destinies? #TheMadisonJayeShow season 3 is in production ....



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