Issa Rae Addresses the use of Condoms on Insecure

Insecure is one of HBO’s top shows and its creator and writer Issa Rae took to twitter to address fans concerns about the use of condoms on the show. It’s relatable scenarios and great writing has had it trending almost every week on social media. Fans have their favorites and not so favorites. It is interesting to see how the conversation of the show takes off even after the show has aired. This scenario in particular was after this week’s most recent episode. Lawrence played by Jay Ellis had a threesome with two women he randomly met at a grocery store. Fans have their opinions and have no problem expressing it, especially on social media. Majority of them questioning the shows responsibility on portraying safe sex to an African American community where STD statistics are high.


However there seemed to be a divide in opinion on this issue. There were fans tweeting about more responsibility while others were like what more do you expect. Sex and explicit sex scenes are no stranger to the popular prime time cable shows, so why is it now being a topic of discussion. Seems when it comes to tv programming you can’t really please everyone. You have an audience content with the adult programming they watch and there are others saying more needs to be done to bring awareness. So many questions come from this debate. Should all adult shows have a message to educate the viewers about the activities going on in the show? Do we recognize as adults we should always be cautious with our actions and not rely on television to teach us? The Twitter conversation brought some great points from different angles. A necessary conversation is coming about from this issue as of just recently STD’s are a trending topic amongst young adults. Having this conversation either way is important and should be of practice to adults in real life, not just TV.


What are your thoughts on the safe sex debate on television?