Attracting your 5D life Partner // How To Create a 5th Dimensional Relationship


Once you can live from your heart chakra you will then be able to ascend to the 5th chakra. The throat chakra or 5th chakra corresponds to the frequencies of speaking and living your own truth.

By accessing the wisdom within your heart, your inner truth will reveal itself with absolute clarity and you will feel a driving force that will propel you to speak that truth.

But rather than merely speaking your truth using words you will begin to embody your truth and model it with your presence. You will be walking your truth and speaking your truth through your actions, your presence and even when you are in silence.

The need to preach or "convince" others of your truth is no longer required, for you know that those who are ready will come to you.

The clarity in your throat chakra will be projected onto your relationship. Clear communication is one of the pillars of any thriving relationship and as you enter a 5th dimensional relationship you'll begin to communicate with your beloved beyond words and directly from your soul.

When the 5th chakra is fully activated you use a language of personal power and drop all words that resonate with victimization, blame, limitation and lack. Instead you are aligned with the power of the universal OM, the ultimate power of creation.

You realize that your words are mathematical programs that can be sent into the universe to create your desired reality. And you intuitively know that questions are the key to greater wisdom and that spoken commands unleash your manifestation abilities.

Ultimately what determines the embodiment of 5th dimensional frequencies within your morphogenetic field is the fulfillment of your Soul's Purpose.

That's right, stationed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 is what is known as your Soul Identity. This part of your Higher Self holds the awareness and wisdom to your Soul's Purpose as well as all the necessary steps you should take in order to fulfill it everyday.

To manifest a 5D relationship you must align yourself with your Soul's purpose and remove any energetic blockages preventing you from this.

5D Relationships Are Possible NOW

In order to ascend into a 5D relationship you must change and raise your frequency. There is a specific method where you can attune your frequency to embody the frequencies of a 5D relationship right now. This will create a state of harmonic resonance that will magnetize you to a person that is ready to meet you in that frequency.

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